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Environmental protection
Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is the biggest problem facing mankind in modern life. To solve this problem, we must start from the foundation:

First of all, we should publicize a lot, raise people's awareness and awareness, and strengthen environmental awareness.

Secondly, waste recycling should be carried out to reduce deforestation of forests and trees, and white pollution treatment should be strengthened, and less plastic products should be used.

Finally, we should improve the cleanliness to make the city cleaner.

For the sake of the future of the earth, we must work hard from now on to better protect the environment. Here we put forward the following suggestions:

It can not only reduce the workload of sanitation workers, but also make better use of waste, reduce pollution and save resources.

Four factors hinder environmental governance from encountering tremendous resistance to environmental protection departments in the process of law enforcement. The State Environmental Protection Administration has summed up four reasons:

First of all, some places do not have a proper understanding of the scientific development concept and simply pursue the economic growth rate. Some small smelting projects with high energy consumption and heavy pollution, small ferroalloys and small chemical industries, which are forbidden by decree, have shown a trend of spreading in some places.

Secondly, some local governments unilaterally emphasize simplifying the examination and approval and handling relevant procedures within a time limit in attracting investment. Regardless of whether the project will be polluted or not, as long as the investment is approved, there are some illegal phenomena in the environmental impact examination and approval of construction projects in some places, such as "the will of the head", "getting on the bus first, then buying tickets".

Thirdly, the quality of EIA needs to be improved. Some EIA units do not insist on scientific evaluation, dare not speak with objective facts and scientific data, and the evaluation conclusions are ambiguous and ambiguous. They push the conclusion of environmental feasibility of the project to the approval department, even very few EIA units falsify, fabricate, falsify data, or conceal it. 。 Facts seriously affect the implementation of environmental impact assessment system, making environmental impact assessment a formality, and losing the minimum scientific and impartial nature of third-party advisory bodies;

Finally, information disclosure and public participation are inadequate. China's current environmental impact assessment system is dominated by the government. It is obviously unable to supervise a large number of construction projects with limited government power.

In fact, the resistance of EIA is driven by the economic interests behind it.

What kind of ecological and environmental protection concept and resource development concept should we hold? Is environmental protection and resource development an irreconcilable contradiction? I don't think so. Because their goals are the same, all for the survival of mankind. Therefore, scientific ecological environmental protection and resource development can achieve unity of opposites.

What kind of environmental protection is "rational"?

With the widespread deterioration of the environment over time, environmental protection has become a hot topic. Faced with various proposals, proposals, rules and laws on environmental protection, some people have proposed that they should be chosen. For example, a text in a college English book advocates such a view called "rational environmental protection theory", which is "rational". Wisdom declares that human beings "protect the environment not for nature, but for ourselves", so human beings should "make urgent adjustments only when the living environment is threatened". In order to gain support, the theory "does not require people to sacrifice for other organisms".

Human beings do protect the environment for our own sake, but the problem is how to protect it. This article declares that we should make urgent adjustments when our living environment is threatened, that is to say, we should wait until we can't live to protect the environment. Who made the environment too bad to live on? Indeed, among them There are factors of the earth's own climate change cycle, but in the few hundred years since the industrial revolution, it is mainly human itself that has made the environment unfit for human habitation. Facing the worsening environmental crisis day by day, we should not review our mistakes or change the misconception that environment is a "free resource", but an excuse. Certain environmental problems are not urgent and allow the environment to continue to deteriorate. This is absolutely not the attitude that a "rational" person should have.

What kind of environmental protection is rational? That's what the author calls "emotional" environmentally friendly ways of doing things. To protect the environment, we should love nature, not regard it as the object of our "use"; to protect the environment, we should eliminate the environmental problems in the bud, rather than allow them to expand day by day. Such environmental protection isReally rational environmental protection.